Our school won 8 first prizes in the finals of the National College Students Mathematics Competition of China
2019-04-04 10:22:22

The 10th National College Students Mathematics Competition Final was held at the Harbin Institute of Technology on March 31. Our school won 8 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 1 third prize; our students also earned 2 first prizes in the non-mathematical and low grade groups. This means that our school ranked 2nd in China for the total number of first prizes claimed. This is the best result that our school has achieved since we started participating in the contest.

This final contest was divided into the mathematical low grade group, mathematical high grade group, and non-mathematical group. There were a total of 503 students taking part in the contest from Peking University, Tsinghua University, the University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University, and other universities. These students were strictly selected from a pool of nearly 140,000 students from 784 colleges and universities in 31 competition districts around the country which participated in the preliminary contest.

In the mathematical finals, School of Mathematics & Statistics students Shang Zhenbing, Fu Jiaqi, Fen Jian of the class of 2017 and Hu Tianzhi of the class of 2016, Hongyi School students Bai Yang, Jiao Ziang of the class of 2017 and Chen Yan of the class of 2016 acquired a total of 4 first prizes and 3 second prizes. Bai Yang’s total score ranked first in the low grade group.

In the non-mathematical finals, Luo Jianzhou of the class of 2016 from School of Economics and Management, Wu Shaocheng of the class of 2016 from the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Xuan Wenjie of the class of 2016 from the School of Printing and Packaging, Xie Wenjie of the class of 2016 from School of Remote Sensing Information Engineering, and Wu Jing of the class of 2017 from School of Electronic Information acquired 4 first prizes and 1 third prize. Luo Jianzhou’s total score ranked first place.

Our school has listed National College Students Mathematics Competition  as key supported competitions. The preliminary competition in Hubei Area is one of our school’s competition tests. For a long time, our university has strongly supported students' subject competition activities and established special funds and incentive mechanisms. We want to promote competition through mechanisms and promote innovation through competition. Our goals are to encourage students acquire professional knowledge, take an active part in speciality practice, develop students’ awareness of “Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship” and improve the quality of the talent we train.

It is reported that National College Students Mathematics Competition is held by the Chinese Mathematical Society. The preliminary competition is held every October and the final competition is held in March the following year. It aims to promote the reform of mathematics education in Chinese colleges and universities, improve education quality, select individuals who are talented in mathematical innovation, and provide a platform for students to show off their problem solving abilities. This competition has become one of the most influential college subject contests, with the largest number of student attendees.