Wise and knowledgeable, making history – the debate team of the School of Mathematics and Statistics wins
2018-11-21 10:26:20

The debate team of the School of Mathematics and Statistics gave a brilliant performance on Nov 17.

They defeated a formidable opponent, the debate team of the School of Journalism and Communication, winning the Golden Autumn Debate Competition.

This is  the best record for our school’s debate team.

It was not a miracle, but the result of the hard work of our debate team. They deserve their victory.

Let’s honor this incredible achievement on behalf of the School of Mathematics and Statistics and all of the school students

Let’s continue to lead the way in debate.






TF Securities Cup “Chun She Feng Huo” (lips' and tongues' battle) debate finals were held at Wuhan University Engineering Division Stadium on Nov 17, 2018 at 16:00. Our debate team defeated the School of Journalism and Communication by 5:2, winning the Golden Autumn Debate Competition. This was the best result for the debate team of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

This finals were divided into three parts, the warm-up competition, 3rd place competition, and the championship competition.

The warm-up competition was attended by members of the Wuhan University debate team and Du Bo of CCTV. Teacher Chen Ming from School of Journalism and Communication chaired the debates. Debaters gave an excellent performance. Mr. Du Bo told his personal story as an example to illustrate the importance of diverse experiences for a young man’s growth. The role exchange of opinion holders in the warm-up competition’s free debate made this competition more brilliant and excellent, pushing the atmosphere to its climax.

In the 3rd place competition that followed, both sides were locked in a verbal battle with each other. Finally, School of Political Science and Public Administration gained an edge and won the 3rd prize with a final score of 4:3. The School of Civil Engineering claimed 4thplace.

Championship Competition

The championship competition pitted our school against the School of Journalism and Communication. The debate team of the School of Journalism and Communication has always had a reputation of being a strong team. They have made several finals in the Golden Autumn Debate, and won the championship in 2014. The debate team of the School of Mathematics and Statistics fought our way into a position among the top 4, like a dark horse.

One of the most exciting parts of the competition was the free debate, in which the opposite side first asserted that army couldn’t fight in a “Buddhist-style” to prove that the Buddhist-style was not conducive to the growth of modern young people. However, our team’s fourth debater struck back quickly. He thought that, while fighting aggressively in the army gave people a kind of happiness, this did not prove that the Buddhist-style did not also give people a kind of happiness. Different people should be able to experience happiness in a diverse range of ways. Other debaters on our team also worked closely together to fully implement this concept. It was a pity that the other side did not give a strong response to this level of logic, which led to a slight disadvantage in the con side during the free debate.







Although our fourth debater’s draw was not satisfactory and he became the first debater to conclude, his excellent speech stirred the applause of everyone present. Our fourth debater linked the topic to deeper social meaning after summarizing our arguments. Our team felt that the Buddhist-style was an additional choice for those young people who were nearly suffocating under the pressure of life. Life was not a battle. We didn’t require everyone to be like soldiers, always forging ahead and striving for victory. We advocated for more diversified values. All young people who live in these fast-paced times should have a little breathing space.

Next, the judges gave comprehensive commentary and thoroughly analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of both teams. It is worth mentioning that many judges expressed their appreciation to our fourth debater Luo Guanhua.

The last part was the award ceremony. Our debate team won the championship title and Luo Guanhua was named the best debater.